I Will Sing Unto the Lord

Handel's "I Will Sing Unto The Lord" from "Israel in Egypt" is a thrilling setting of the Biblical text for antiphonal eight-part chorus (two each of soprano, alto, tenor, bass) and orchestra.

This sequence was intended for use as a rehearsal sequence.

When I entered the sequence, I thought our chorus would be performing (and practicing) in the traditional antiphonal arrangement, so I set the volume (mixing) and pan settings accordingly. That makes it sound wonderful to my ears.

For instrumentation of the chorus, I used flute for sopranos, alto sax for altos, trumpet for tenors, and trombone for basses. The orchestra is represented by a two-track (left-hand and right-hand) piano reduction.

You might notice some phasing effects on this sequence.

Here is the sequence for your listening/practicing enjoyment:

The Standard MIDI (Version 1) version. This uses General MIDI instrumentation. Download this first, before playing, to avoid playback problems.

If you like antiphonal music, you might also enjoy Pachelbel's "Jauchzet dem Herrn".

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