My Korg Triton Pro is upgraded to include an EXB-MOSS board, which adds some really great sounds (especially in terms of how they respond to controllers such as the ribbon controller).

MIDI sequences that use such sounds won't play correctly on anything other than a Korg Triton with the EXB-MOSS board installed. (Strictly speaking, an emulator of the Korg and MOSS could play it.)

Such sequences might still be useful to people without that setup, however. They might find they're able to easily change the instrumentation of the affected tracks to use instruments that are available to them.

On the Korg, MOSS instruments are all in "Bank F", if that helps. (Banks A through D are ordinary banks of Triton-specific sounds. Bank E is for the sampler. Bank G, really a collection of banks, is permanently written with General MIDI patches.)

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