Here, for posterity, is the data for @twitter just prior to my deactivating that account (due to an unjustified and overly burdensome lockout by Twitter).

I'm now more active on Parler.

NOTE: A quick review of this data suggests that it's incomplete: portions of one or two tweets seem to be missing, and there seems to be insufficient "linkage" among tweets in reply threads. Links provided by the Twitter archive go back to my account on Twitter; these will presumably stop working soon. So I'm not sure how true it is that, as Twitter claims in this archive that it generated, said "...archive includes all the account data created up to the moment it was generated" (emphasis mine); but I'm not going to sweat those details. I've learned an important lesson: to never again trust "Big Tech" to safeguard my data and ensure full access to any of my accounts, including the ability to download, at any time and for any reason, all my data.

Twitter Data

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